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Have you thought about the spoke count on your wheels? Probably not other than to think that a 20 spoke wheel would be lighter than a 36 spoke set of wheels. Have you then given a thought to spoking patterns?

Some spoking patterns can make or break your wheelset. We at ICAN have put a lot of time and effort into thinking about spoking patterns. We wanted to make a rear wheel that was super stiff while still being super light. We hate those rear wheels that when you put the power down, especially when climbing, flex and skiff against your brake pads.
To us, that seems like a massive waste of effort. You don’t want to be losing watts and energy to a rear wheel that isn’t stiff enough. That is why we use a 2:1 spoking pattern on our rear wheels in this family.

We fit two drive side spokes for every one we fit to the non-drive side. We are not then adding weight to the side that does not need it. We are making the drive side super stiff though. When you press down the pedals, these wheels will not skiff your brake pads.

Not only does this save you energy but it also makes your wheels last longer. There will be less fatigue on your wheels due to the lack of sideways movement. Your wheels only want to roll forwards. They do not want to move left to right or vice versa. Your bearings will appreciate this and so will your Strava times.