Introduction Experience a smoother, faster ride with the Flyee T47 BB road bike disc frame. Its internal routing...
      Introduction Crafted with precision and utilizing advanced carbon fiber technology, the A9 frame embodies a perfect balance of lightweight construction and exceptional strength. Its aerodynamic design...
    Specification Type   Carbon Road Disc Frame Tire  700C*28C Material  Carbon Fiber  T800 &T700  Finish Rainbow painting Rotors Flat mount, Front 160mm, rear 140mm Thru Axle...
    Disc Road Frame A22
      In the box: Frame;Seat Post;Fork;Front/Rear Thru-axle. Handlebar with Headsets, 10mm spacer, 30mm spacer ( if you don't need the...
      Frame:  Model: Full Carbon Super Light /Aero/Disc /Internal Cable A9 Size: 52cm, 1050+_50g,  fits: 28mm Tire Rear frame end spacing: 142*12mm, Flat mount, 140mm Front Fork:  ICAN T800 Carbon Rigid Fork  Spacing: 100*12mm, Flat mount, 160mm Wheelset:  Rim: 25mm width Carbon Clincher/Tubeless...
      Gravity and wind; in cycling these elements could be your best friend or your worst enemy. A light...
      Why ICAN Disc Road Bike A9? FAST, ICAN Disc Road bike A9 is everything AERO profiled optimized for...
      Gravity and wind, in cycling these elements could be your best friend or your worst enemy. A light...

          High-quality, high tech carbon but low-cost road bike frames have been the Holy Grail of road cycling for a while. Our high-end road frames are painstakingly designed and refined to provide you with the very best bang for your buck.
          We offer you different carbon bike frames options, meaning that no matter what you prioritise in your road cycling we have the carbon frame for you. You may even feel that at our prices you should buy one of either option.

          Is the carbon frames good?

          Carbon fiber is made of polyacrylonitrile (PAN) fiber.The polyacrylonitrile fiber will be heated to a very high temperature, and the non-carbon materials in the fiber will be burned out, leaving only a series of very thin long fibers. The more fully processed, the greater the rigidity of the material. Therefore, the carbon bike frame has excellent characteristics, both in terms of hardness and weight, the carbon fiber frame is one of the best. The carbon bike frame has better stiffness and toughness than steel and aluminum frames, which is lighter to make you ride comfortable.

          Why ICAN carbon frames are so affordable

          The fact that we are a specialist frame manufacturer without massive marketing budgets,which allows us to keep our bike frame affordable.You can buy the high-quality,but low-cost carbon frame from here.There are many options for our carbon road bike frame that have the characteristics of light weight and high strength.

          How to clean carbon bike frame

          Carbon bike frame uses high-carbon materials with smooth surface and good waterproof performance. Therefore, mild soap and water are the best cleaning agents for a carbon fibre composite bike frame. Do not use any corrosive, acid-base solvents.

          How to check the carbon bike frame

          When the frame we purchased, when it arrives, we can first check whether the carbon frame is cracked. Once there is a crack, please contact the carbon frame suppier for help or replacement.

          How to choose the suitable frame from ICAN 

          if you are looking for the best carbon framesets under 1000$ in the market, you can check the best frames list as a guide.

          How long is the warranty of your carbon frame

          ICAN carbon frame has a two-year warranty, the details you can read the warranty policy.

          How is a carbon road bike frame manufactured?

          There are complicated processes in the manufacture of carbon bike frame and the addition of corresponding product materials.